on insanity

11 02 2010

I have studied buddhism. What struck me were the amazing similarities between their gospel and my personal preferences. This helped me put shit into perspective. O yeah, also  to become even more chilled out and awesome. The perspective I gained is that to live like a buddhist in the modern western world is a form of insanity. Like that guy who already said it years ago. To be sane in a world of crazies is a form of insanity in itself or some such thing. That’s how I sometimes felt, insane.

“He Asshole! Hurry the fuck up and pack you’re goddamn groceries.” “Namaste brother, I am sorry I have taken so much of youre time. May I help you cary your groceries to the car?”

Sjah, I don’t think so. Instead I have chosen the dark side. By cultivating my inner peace (I hope you just puked) I allow myself to remain calm. So I smile, and the more people get pissed of, the more I smile. It drives them insane which gives you something to actually smile about. When you do end up verbally sparring the right curse words flow to mind faster. And guess what, they hit the mark way better. Zeroing in on the things that really hurt becomes way easier with an empty mind at the ready.

Point of the story: flip buddhism, and cultivate youre inner asshole. Feed that ego, create a monster, and release it mindfully 😀

By the way: this is not some howto self help blog. Those lifehacking assholes make me sick. Those smartasses always have a way of doing things better. Flip that, and they always have a way of showing you what a retard you are. So when I speak of buddhism, and you wanna learn more, even though I know everything about and am awesome at it, don’t ask me.

Google it or go to a bookstore instead. O no! I just told you what do! So I just did what I said I wouldn’t do.  I’m contradicting myself already.